EGI Learning Center

The EGI Learning Center is a comprehensive internal and external customer-focused training system designed specifically to help you better understand and tap into the full potential of our traffic systems, products, and services.

Our objective is to provide the level of training services necessary to unlock the potential of our products and services to increase your transportation management capabilities.

Today’s products and systems offer new realms of transportation management capabilities, helping to provide new opportunities for multi-modal growth and funding. Unlocking the full potential of Econolite products and systems is the quickest path to a full return on investment. Enhancing efficiencies and capabilities is our focus and a cornerstone in our training programs at the EGI Learning Center.

Training Programs

See Available Detection Training

Recognizing the critical need for simple, reliable and cost-effective digital detection solutions for all intersections, Econolite teaches the important first steps to manage and implement any ITS program plan.

See Available Systems Courses

At the heart of any ITS program are the advanced traffic management system (ATMS) and data collection solutions that bridge the gap between traffic control and ITS. Econolite teaches the latest techniques to improving mobility and safety.

See Available Controller Classes

Traffic signal controllers are the foundation of any intelligent transportation system. Econolite demonstates the importance of controllers when implementing effective signal timing stategies.

Professional Development

Training is essential to both professional and personal development. Aside from providing the necessary knowledge and skill set for a job function, it is also a principle factor in professional satisfaction, retention, advancement, and knowledge transfer. As the transportation management industry is progressing at a pace on par with other computer information-based and technology-driven industries, training has never been more important.

The EGI Learning Center offers IMSA Technical Advancement Recognition Program (TARP) points for most webinars and instructor-led training classes.

Current Programs

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