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Why Choose Cobalt?

This video series provides an overview of Cobalt. Compared to the Econolite ASC/3 traffic controller, the Cobalt Advanced Traffic controller offers a wide variety of benefits, ideal for any agency's ITS development strategy.


Cobalt’s traffic control algorithms are field-proven - built on over 10 years experience, and counting.

  • Effectively Increase Mobility and Safety
  • Reliably Streamline Signal-Retiming and New Intersection Projects
  • Efficiently Manage Maintenance and Operations
  • Intuitively Navigate the Interface to Shorten the Learning Curve
  • Cobalt, Overview Video
  • Cobalt, Guided Setup Video

Cobalt Benefits

  • Cobalt, Compared to ASC/3
  • Cobalt, Enhanced Features
  • Cobalt, Communications
  • Cobalt, User Interface
  • Cobalt, Data Entry
  • Cobalt, Menu & Application Selection
  • Cobalt, MMU and Help Screen Selection
  • Cobalt Comparison, Summary Overview

ATC Cabinet Overview

The New Safetran ATC Traffic Signal Cabinet

Based on the most popular features of Caltrans, NEMA and ITS traffic signal cabinets, the Safetran ATC Cabinet represents the next-generation ITS Traffic Signal Cabinet. As an intelligent cabinet, the ATC uses high-speed serial communications between the cabinet assemblies via Serial Interface Units, or SIU’s, providing modern features, advanced diagnostics, enhanced safety, simplified cabinet wiring, and reduced cabinet size. The ATC Cabinet supports both 110-volt AC and 48-volt DC signal heads, while high density load switches and quad detector modules allow for up to 32 signal outputs and 120 detection inputs.