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Centracs Advanced Transportation Management System (ATMS)

Introduction to Centracs

An overview of Centracs features and function touching on the Centracs User Interface, entity tree, monitoring tools, alerts, simple reports and the scheduler. Detailed information is provided on maps and graphics and the intersection map editor.

Centracs II - Events, Alerts and Scheduler

This course covers Centracs events and alert management along with the Centracs scheduler. The use of action sets and their application will also be addressed.

Centracs III - Administration

This course will discuss communications setup, global and local settings as well as database management utilities available through Centracs. The course will also discuss jurisdiction and role management along with reports and other tools with which Centracs administrators should be familiar.

Centracs MMS (Maintenance and Management System)

Using Centracs MMS, this course focuses on the benefits various levels of personnel at an agency will receive using a centralized asset and maintenance management system. The Centracs MMS interface, features and tools, along with the general theory of operation will be covered.

Centracs DCMS (Data Collection and Management System)

This course presents Centracs DCMS, focusing on data collection from Autoscope and RTMS detection equipment. Attendees will be introduced to detector group charts, reporting and analysis tools available to benefit traffic engineers and planners.

Centracs for the Signal Shop

This course covers a variety of topics specifically for signal shop personnel. Topics include features standard with Centracs that directly benefit field operations. It covers status and fault monitors, alert notifications and Centracs Local Edition. Centracs MMS is also introduced.

Centracs Engineering Tools and Traffic Responsive

This course discusses the use and benefits engineering tools in Centracs and covers Centracs' flexible volume-occupancy-speed (VOS) and MOE reports along with Centracs DCMS. These topics lead into a discussion on the theory of Traffic Responsive and the setup and operation of TR in Centracs.

Centracs Adaptive

This course introduces Centracs Adaptive. Topics include ACS Lite theory of operation, configuration, operation and monitoring tools. Emphasis is placed on understanding detection solutions and tradeoffs needed for adaptive operation.

Centracs Open Forum

This webinar is intended to provide an opportunity for Centracs users and others interested in Centracs to ask questions on topics of their choice.

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